MA Theses 2009/10

MA Theses 2009/10  
Akhrarkhodjaeva, Nozima Sectoral Transformation in Central Asia
Akimenko, Yevgeniy --- No thesis info ---
Ban, Andrea Health Policy Making on Bioethics: Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Hungary
Buzarnescu, Bogdana Can Get-out-the-vote Events Increase Voter turnout? A Study of the 2009 Presidential Elections in Romania
Chapman, Samuel Modalities of Impact: Typological Analysis of Social Issue Documentary and Video
Cohen, William How Hybrid Regimes Respond to Mobilized Protest: The Case of Russia during the 2011-2012 Election Cycle
Demidov, Andrey Civil Society Organisations in the UK: Scope and Scale of Europeanisation
Egupova, Maria An "External Enemy": How Media Cover the 2009 Gas Crisis between Russia and Ukraine
Erakovic, Dijana An Assessment of Cohen's Critique on Rawls: Is the Egalitarian Ethos Embedded in the Rawlsian Society?
Ershova, Anastasia Institutional Arrangements of CFSP: Means for the "Soft" Power?
Farmer, Margaret Human Trafficking, Prostitution and Public Opinion in Hungary: Interviews with Hungarian University Students
Hovhannisyan, Mari The Collective Memory of the Armenian Genocide
Ismayilova, Gulara Constitution-Making Process in Post-Communist Constitution-Making Process in Post-Communist State: The Case of Czech Republic
Kalacinska, Diana Social Protest in Latvia 2006–2009: Political Disenchantment and Identity Formation
Kapanadze, Anna Constitution-making Politics in Georgia
Kleshik, Sonya "I Am My Language": Language Policy and Attitudes Towards Language in Georgia
Klochkova, Margarita Multilateralizing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: A New Universal International Regime to Strengthen Non-proliferation
Korenovska, Svitlana Nation Building in Ukraine: National Democratic Narratives in Presidential Rhetoric
Kurnosenko, Ekaterina China, the Dalai Lama and the Question of Soft Power
Lapos, Péter Can Politics Really be Given Back to the People? An Analysis of Green Parties' Organizational Developments in the Hungarian Context
Malinauskaite, Gintare Public Debates on the Communist Past During Lithuanian Presidential Elections in 1993 and 1997: Narrating its Past and Future
Marchenkova, Darya Shoved Down Our Throats: Ideology and Opposition to the "Public Option" in the 2009-2010 U.S. Health Care Reform Debate
Margaryan, Sona The European Union Intervention Policy in Ethnic Conflicts: The Cases of South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Transnistria and Cyprus
Mermet, Vanessa Voters, Politicians and Oligarchs: Under What Conditions is Vote Buying a Cost-Efficient Strategy in the Case of Bulgaria?
Miroshnikov, Maxim Position of National Parties Toward Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union
Nebieridze, Petre The Democratic Theory Application of Political and Developmental Approaches to Democratization Process of Georgia (1992-2008)
Neely, Peter The Tea Party Movement: Conservative Political Activism in the American Context
Nikolovski, Dimitar The Student Protests in Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria in 1996–97
Nkejiaka, Chuba Emmanuel Emergence of Ethnic Militia Movements in the Niger
Oborune, Karina The Case Study of the ERASMUS Programme in Latvia: Stereotypes and European Identity
Pataky, Lukas Has the Difference between Left and Right Vanished in the EU? - Fiscal Policy Analyses of the EU Member Countries
Pochkhua, Gela A Game Theory Application of the Rational Actor Model to the Russo–Georgian War (August 2008)
Rekhviashvili, Lela Limits of Civil Society
Repyeuskaya, Olga Energy as a Foreign Policy Tool: Assessing Russian Energy Strategy Towards the European Countries
Ruark, Adam --- No thesis info ---
Sariev, Narynbek --- No thesis info ---
Shavtvaladze, Mikheil Attempts to Build Democratic Nation-State in an Ethnically Diverse Country: The Case of Georgia
Sirocic, Zorica Normative Aspects of Campaign Regulation
Szabó, Imre The Political Economy of Welfare State and Public Employment Reform in Hungary
Vuckovic, Milica Leader-based Voting in Croatia in a Longitudinal Perspective: 1990–2007
Zala, Miklós Standing as Equals: The Case of Religious and Cultural Exemptions
Zurabashvili, Zurab --- No thesis info ---