MA Theses 2004/05

Aliyev, Huseyn Al Qaeda after 9/11: Stronger or Weaker?
Ananyeva, Marianna Political Corruption and Its Causes: A Cross-National Study
Asipovich, Hanna Media Effects in Authoritarian States: The 2004 Referendum Campaign in Belarus
Ayan, Pelin Institutionalization of Sustainable Development in Unconsolidated Democracies. A Comparative Study of Slovakia and Turkey.
Babayan, Nelli Can You Teach Me? International Democracy Promotion in the South Caucasus.
Bajarunas, Dionizas American Conceptualization of Public Diplomacy. The Case Study of Justifications during the War on Terror.
Barna, Claudia Hindered Regionalization? The Impact of the European Union on Regional Development in Two Romanian Regions.
Bernaciak, Magdalena Labor Transnationalism: Cross-Border Cooperation Between Polish and German Trade Unions
Chakhaia, Lela The Role of Domestic Politics in the Implementation of IMF-Supported Programs: A Case-Study of Georgia
Chelova, Mariya The Typology of Hybrid Regimes in Post-Soviet Belarus and Ukraine
Crivoliubic, Olga Transformation of the State Television into the Public Service Television: The Case of Moldova
Davtyan, Tatevik Understanding Support for Democracy in the Context of Regime Performance and Political Culture in Armenia
Gabedava, Mariam Presidents of Gorgia. Comparative Study of Presidential Powers of Gamsakhurdia, Shevardnadze and Saakashvili
Gajewska, Katarzyna Restrictions in Labor Free Movement After the EU-Enlargement 2004: Explaining Variation Among Countries
Galushko, Artem The Role of Free Media in the Former Soviet Republics: The Case of Ukraine 1991-2004
Ganske, Christian Putin's Regional Policy and Its Impact on the Political Economy of Partial Economic Reform in Russia's Regions
Garaz, Stela The Impact of the Form of Government on Party Organization
Haeberle, Armin The Relative Dependence of an Institution. The German System of Industrial Relations.
Hatieganu, Vlad Who Are the Romanian Non-Voters? Typologies from the Romanian 2004 Elections
Imecs, Orsolya Beszelo. The Most Important Organ of the Second Public Sphere in Hungary.
Jaiani, Vasil Does Party Ideology Matter in the Executive - Legislature Relationship within Western European Regimes?
Kiss, Marcell Constructing State and Society. South Korean Democratization in Comparative Perspective.
Kobakhidze, Nino Political Representation and Parties in Government. The Case of 13 Western European Parliamentary Democracies.
Maierean, Andreea Raluca The Media Coverage of the Romanian Revolution
Mazulyte, Audrone Foreign Direct Investment and Export Specialization in Latvia
Mercea, Dan Mihai Party and Candidate Campaign Web Site Designs: A Study of the 2004 Romanian General Elections
Nesheva, Lyubomira 'EU Pharma Law Review': Pharmaceutical Policies in Poland and Bulgaria
Nigohosyan, Daniel Promoting Democracy from Without: The Role of Foreign Factors for the Success of the Electoral Revolutions in Serbia (2000), Georgia (2003), and Ukraine (2004)
Otieno, Isaack Civil Society and Constitution-Making: The Case of Kenya 1998-2004
Ozgur Baklacioglu, Nurcan Constituting Identity in Crossborder Discourse: Migrants in Bulgarian-Turkish Politics
Panchugov, Hristo Organizing a Charismatic Party. Case Study of Bulgaria.
Pavlyuchenko, Anna Party System Institutionalization in Ukraine
Poder, Kaire How to Catch a Seal? The Study of Cooperative Norms in Swedish Communities of Estonia in the 19th and 20th Century
Polakowski, Michal Social Policies of Central and Eastern Europe in the Comparative Perspective
Serafim, Iulia Artisitic Autonomy in Soviet Cinematography. Reverse Discourse, Subversion or Dissent?
Slade, Gavin Symbolic Power. Discourse and Vladimir Putin's State-Building Project 1999-2001.
Solakhyan, Marina The Effects of Coercive and Reconciliatory Counter-Terrorism Measures on the Level of Terrorism: A Comparative Study
Szelewa, Dorota Childcare Services in Hungary and Poland: Explaining the Difference
Tatar, Marius Consolidating Democracy by International Assistance for Civil Society: The Role of Advocacy Coalitions in Liberalizing Access to Public Information in Romania
Todorakov, Vladimir The Bulgarian Constitutional Court in the Context of Democratic Consolidation During Transition
Tregub, Olena Political Censorship of Media in 'Hybrid Regimes': Russia and Ukraine Compared (1991-2004)
Zavrabyan, Naira Bicameralism and Democracy in the Republic of Tajikistan
Zhelev, Stefan The Evolution of Ahmed Dogan's Notion of an Ethnic Party /Puzzles from the Bulgarian Transitional Political Reality/
Zherebkin, Maksym Mobilizing Political Support During the "Orange Revolution": The Constitutive Role of Ideological Practices