MA Theses 2001/02

Abbasov, Elshan The Transformation of the Azerbaijani Media System
Abdurakhmanov, Yusupjon Russian Party System Formation: From Polarization to Moderation
Aliyev, Fuad Institutional Development of the National Bank of Azerbaijan and Its Role in Market Reforms
Ashirov, Begench Towards a Better Understanding of the Emergence and Maintenance of the Authoritarian State in Turkmenistan
Balode, Ieva Environmental Movements' Nationalisitic and Separatist Trends in the Soviet Union in Late 80s: The Cases of the Baltic States, Ukraine and Russia
Bautina, Marina Superpresidentialism in Russia: The Only Viable Model?
Bonacci-Skenderovic, Dunja Ideologies in "Croatian Spring"
Borz, Gabriela Party System Change Dimensions and Determinants in Western Europe
Burean, Toma Political Representation in Hungary
Cazan, Raul Environmental Issues Covered in the Romanian Press: The Case of Dracula Park
Domeikaite, Jurgita The Role of the European Union's Audiovisual Policy in the Formation of European Union Identity
Dudek, Marta NGO's Autonomy from the State. Differences in Interpretation of Autonomy and Dependence in Case of Service Providing and Advocacy Organizations.
Elizarov, Roman The Imbalance in the Investment Sphere of Russian Economy: The Main Tendencies and the Mechanisms of Evolution
Franc, Milan Globalisation, State and New Elites
Franges, Anzej The Influence of Privatization Methods on the Speed of Privatization
Giorgadze, Julieta State and Church in Georgia
Grecu, Claudiu Razvan Coalition Governments and Government Formation in Five Countries: Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania
Guzeviciute, Gintare The Change in Telecommunications Market from Monopoly to Wider Liberalisation after Privatisation of Hungarian MATAV Ltd. and Lithuanian Telekomas: Comparative Study
Henjak, Andrija Social Change and Party System Change - Explaining the Link
Ivanova, Zane Constitution-Making in Post-Communist Latvia
Kovago, Emese Citizenship Identity and Social Inclusion
Kovats, Roland Seconds of Fame. Hungarian Think Tanks in the Economic Transformation.
Kutilek, Petr Farewell to the sunflowers? Analyzing the Performance of Western European Green Parties in the 1990s and Beyond
Lojkine, Dmitri A Constitution for Europe?
Macikas, Andrius Intra-Country Regional Disparities: The Case of Lithuania
Mambetalieva, Kymbat Inter-ethnic Relations in Kyrgyzstan from a Social Psychological Perspective: Social Identity Theory
Mikulikova, Marta Preserving or Escaping the German Model of Industrial Relations? The Case of Volkswagen and its Subsidiaries in Central Europe
Monko, Marcin Political and Economic Control in State-Owned Enterprises. Comparative Study of Polish and Swedish Cases
Nenadic, Danijela From Social Movement to Political Organization: The Case of Otpor
Olejnyik, Istvan Media Representation of Genetics in the Hungarian Press
Pasovsky, Dragan Transnational Coalition of Non-Governmental Organizations
Prokopyev, Oleksiy The Ukraine's Kuchmagate: Political Scandal in Illiberal Democracy
Resteman, Olimpia Explaining The Lack of Civil Society Discourse in Romania
Robotin, Monica The Electorate of Extreme Right: The Case of Greater Romania Party
Ryabova, Elena Revival of Islamic Radicalism in Central Asia: Is the Danger Real?
Simon, Eszter The Influence of Interpersonal Relationships in Decision-making: John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Robert McNamara in the Cuban Missile Crisis
Skudlarska, Anna Ethnic Minority Media Influence on the Identity of Minorities and Legal Aspects - Case Study Poland
Smirnova, Olga Internet Restriction in Russia: A Possibility of Building a Cyber Wall
Talevski, Zlatko Consociational Devices: Constitutional Changes and the Framework Agreement in the Republic of Macedonia
Tsvetkova, Alexandra Communism in Russia: Getting Weaker or Stronger?
Usatova, Yuliya Cotton Dependency and Poverty in Uzbekistan: Explaining the Poverty Trap Through Sectoral Analysis
Vasilyan, Syuzanna Towards Constitutionalism for the Republic of Armenia
Vladulescu, Monica-Ioana Islamic Revival and Its Western Representation
Wojnarowski, Jakub Failure of the Movement. Farmers' Social Movement in Poland During the Transition.