MA Theses 1995/96

Arpasi, Ildiko Hungarians in Vojvodina. Political Condition of a Minority in a Nationalizing State
Bajomi-Lazar, Peter Changing Concepts of Public Service in the British Broadcasting
Barsa, Pavel Balloons and Broadcasts: Infiltratrating the Internationalist Barrier Dividing East from West
Bass, Thomas Balloons and Broadcasts: Infiltrating the Internationalist Barrier Dividing East from West.
Brunkova, Zdravka New Forms of Investment - A Reappraisal of Corporate Investment Practices in the Context of Central and Eastern Europe
Culic, Irina Intellectual Strategies During the Communist Rule. The Case of Romania
Darii, Emil Russian Presidential Elections as the Litmus Test of Russian Democracy
Demirovi, Natasa Political Role of Intellectuals in Croatia
Dilberovic', Edin The World Bank's Social Policy Conditionality: The Rhetoric of Country Specificity and the Reality of a Universal Model. A Study of Poland and Hungary
Gaille Nikodimov, Marie The Political Foundation and Significance of Autonomy
Gajdocsi, Levente Henry Kissinger and the Third World
Goina, Calin Timisoara, 16-22 December, a Mass Movement Approach
Gradskova, Ioulia Gender and Politics in Russian Transition to Democracy
Guba, Peter The Mass Media in the Second Gulf War: Propaganda and Censorship
Hadjidimov, Kalin The Lack of Tax Reform in Bulgaria - Consequences and Political Explanation
Hanganu, Cristina Democracy Building Versus the Past. The Making of the Romanian Constitution /Impediments, Choices, Outcomes/
Hargitai, Lilla The Voluntary Non-Profit Sector in Hungary
Husz, Dora Elite Games: The Case of Hungary
Kantor, Zoltan National Minorities, Democracy and Consociationalism: The Case of Hungarians in Romania
Khidasheli, Tinatin How to Prevent Heterogeneous Countries from Disintegration /Consociationalis and Its Limits/
Kivi, Risto Balance of Power: An Imaginary Equilibrium
Kotanjyan, Vahan Democracy and Nationalism in the Initial Stage of Transition: The Case of Armenia
Kristesashvili, Ekaterina The Origins of the Second Gulf War
Krizsan, Andrea Can International Minority Protection be Justified? A Normative Approach to European International Minority Protection
Nagyhazi, Gyorgy 1956 in the 1980's
Nikodimov, Constantin The Privatization Process in Bulgaria: Economic and Political Stakes
Nikolin, Sinisa Origins of the Break-Down of Yugoslavia: From Balkan Powder Keg to Multicultural Citizenship
Pandur, Agnes The Feminist Critics of the Liberal Tradition
Politov, Alexander Political Dimensions of the Macedonian Question in Post-Communist Bulgaria and Macedonia
Radonov, Georgi Factionalism and Party Splits in Bulgaria
Rarov, Evgueni The Failure of the Liberal Banking Reform in Russia
Rosen, David The Expansion of the Atlantic Alliance: History, Heuristics and Decisions
Rybar, Marek The Break - up of Czechoslovakia
Safonov, Sergei Group Interests in Russian Privatization: Theoretical Approaches and Analysis of Case Studies
Saradjyan, Hovhannes The Authoritarian Nature of Armenian Presidential System
Sitnikov, Alexei Constitutional Choice in a Society Under Stress: The Case of Russia
Skarka, Radim Political Meanings of Privatization
Stamatov, Peter Ethnicity and the Structuration of the Political Field in Bulgarian Transition
Stoinev, Vesselin Justice and the Good in Rawl's Conception of Justice as Fairness
Szasz, Zoltan Alpar Political Mobilization of National and Ethnic Minorities
Szentkiralyi, Zsolt Assessing National Security Strategy: The Case of Post-Communist Hungary
Szocs, Laszlo The Present of an Old Idea. Thoughts on the Chances of Civil Society after Communism. The Hungarian Experience.
Tiirmaa, Heli Export Promoting State Agencies in the Czech Republic and Hungary
Torok, Zoltan A Political Economy Interpretation of Unemployment Patterns in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. The Structural-Institutional Tandem at Work.
Tulesbaeva, Gulmira NATO after the Cold War: Why Does it Persist?
Turkovic-Hrle, Semra Unique Role of the OSCE and Its Failed Attempt to Become the Main European Security Organisation
Varfolomeyev, Oleg Securitisation of External Immigration in Italy: The Case of the Northern League
Wolek, Artur Symbolic Politics in Central Europe after 1989. Right-wing agenda in Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland