Application fee, financial aid packages and funding from external resources

Do I have to pay the application fee?

The payment of the application fee is mandatory for all applicants and cannot be waived under any circumstances.The fee should be paid by bank card via the CEU online application form's. An application will not be processed until payment has been received and processed. For the details of payment method please check
Please check that your card is one of those accepted; your balance and limit are properly set, and note that you have to finish the transaction in 5 minutes.

What kind of financial aid packages are available?

Please check the website:

I want to apply for external funding but I need to submit a preliminary acceptance letter. Can I obtain it from CEU?

Yes, CEU can provide support and the documentation for these scholarship applications, provided the applicant prepares a competitive admissions package and submits this in time for the department to be able to review it. Candidates opting for preliminary acceptance are requested to notify the department about their intention in advance and submit their online application form to CEU as soon as possible. External funding may provide additional resources for eligible candidates to cover the expenses of their studies, therefore we encourage you to seek out these opportunities. Please check: 

- Is there any opportunity for the students to get part time employment at the university to be able to cover the remaining costs of their studies?

There are only limited part-time job opportunities at CEU, and these are very competitive. Usually, these are ad-hoc positions, and students should not plan to rely on these. We recommend seeking external-to-CEU scholarship opportunities that might be available in your home country. MA students can work only with the permission of the Head of the Department and only in case the workload is not in conflict with their academic requirements. The legally determined working hours for students are less than 20 hours per week. You can always inquire at the Career Office regarding open positions.