Tuition Fee and Financial Aid

The tuition fees for the academic year 2024/25 are listed in the table below and are payable in two installments. These do not include the Student Enrollment Fee, accommodation, and other living expenses

Master's Degree Programs Per Academic Year
Per Installment
Master's degree programs  12,000 EUR 6,000 EUR
Doctoral Programs Per Academic Year Per Installment
Doctoral programs (year 1) 15,000 EUR 7,500 EUR
Doctoral programs after the comprehensive examination (years 2 and 3)  7,500 EUR 3,750 EUR

The Department of Political Science is committed to sustaining a geographically diverse and multicultural student body. To further this goal, the department accepts financial aid applications from students from all over the world. All accepted PhD candidates are fully funded positions. The department is proud that about 90% of the MA students receive some kind of financial support that can range from a partial tuition waiver to a full scholarship for the duration of the program. CEU has merit- and need-based scholarship programs, open to all applicants. 

CEU Stipends, Tuition Waivers, and Grants

The department offers a number of financial aid packages.

Types of CEU financial aid:


Tuition Award per year

Stipend per month

Health Insurance

CEU Master’s Excellence Scholarship


 CEU Master's Distinction Scholarship


 CEU Master's Scholarship

up to 100%
tuition waiver


up to 100%
tuition waiver


up to 100%
tuition waiver

1,000 EUR



750 EUR


 500 EUR







CEU Master's Partial Scholarship 

up to 100%
tuition waiver

300 EUR


CEU Master's Tuition Award 

up to 100%
tuition waiver



CEU Doctoral Scholarship

Full tuition waiver

1,350 EUR

(ECBS PhD programs)

1,300 EUR (All other PhD programs)


Click on the main CEU Funding and Fees webpage to learn more about finances.

Other funding opportunities other than CEU

Since our number of stipends and tuition waivers is limited we do encourage students to explore funding opportunities available through their home universities, non-governmental organizations, and government sources. Good places to start the search:

Watch the webinar with Bernadett Balint, External Scholarship Coordinator at CEU, and find out how to search for a scholarship: 

Here are some helpful links:

Alumni Scholarships (funded by CEU alumni)
Provide stipends to assist with the cost of living expenses, up to EUR €1,000 and EUR €2,000 per academic year.

Bursa Hungarica 

Institute of International Education

Institute for Humane Studies

Roma Education Fund Scholarship
For individuals of Roma descent.

Rotary International Global Grants
For individuals from countries with Rotary clubs.

DAAD Scholarships 
For citizens of Germany.

Armenian International Women's Association Scholarship
For women of Armenian descent.

Bakala Foundation Program Scholarship
For citizens and permanent residents of the Czech Republic.

The Bognár Family Hungarian Scholarship Fund
For citizens of Hungary.

Bolashak Scholarships 
For citizens of Kazakhstan.

International Education Center - International Master's and Doctoral Degree Program
For citizens of Georgia.

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