Programs, Specializations, and Eligibility

- Should I apply for the One-year MA program in Political Science or the Two-year MA program in Political Science?

If you have completed four years of undergraduate university you should apply for the one-year MA program. Applicants with a three-year Bachelor's degree will be considered for two-year Master's programs. If you have already completed a 3-year BA and another 1-year MA or two 3-year BA degrees (and not two specializations within 3 years of your BA) you should also apply to the one-year MA program. An exception to these rules will be granted only to exceptional cases.

- Do I have to have a Political Science background to be eligible?

You do not necessarily have to have a political science background. Applicants are eligible coming from various fields.

- I am attending a 4-year BA program but I wish to graduate in three years. Can I apply for the One-year MA program in Political Science?

Yes, but your admission will be conditional on your successful graduation.

- What are the areas of specialization at the Political Science Department?

We offer certificates of specialization, you can find out more about the certificates at the following link: https://politicalscience.ceu.edu/specializations-1.

For more information please check out the recording of the Info Session