Covid-19 Info for Students

APPLICANTS: Response to Covid-19 in 2021-2022

CURRENT STUDENTS: Should you feel sick or have any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, headache, loss of taste and/or smell DO NOT enter the campus:

- stay at home and call directly the Austrian Covid-19 hotline 1450.

At the first opportunity, in all such cases you should inform 

The CEU Medical Center is exclusively available via the following platforms: and the phone numbers indicated here.

Vienna Campus:


You can find the most update information at the main CEU site at

Reduce your mobility to an absolute minimum; avoid person-to-person contact outside your household; try to take daily exercise.

In Austria, the university is under CODE RED, but with a few exceptions (in line with the most recent guidelines from the Austrian Ministry of Science). 

Those who can work from home must do so. However:

  • Faculty/staff who need to use their campus office can do so, if for example their home internet connection is insufficiently powerful
  • Students who do not have access to a printer/scanner may come into campus to use this facility. 

If you are healthy, please follow Covid regulations displayed on posters around campus and as described below. 

Campus Hygiene

  • Face cover (mask) is mandatory for admittance. It is strongly advised to use the provided hand sanitizers and to wash hands regularly—following the guidelines—in the washrooms. Gloves are recommended when touching commonly used surfaces, e.g., kitchen, elevator, door knobs.
  • All members of the community entering the campus must bring and use their own masks (and where appropriate­ – plastic gloves) and keep their workstations clean. (Masks will be available at the front desk in case you forgot to bring your own.)

Common areas 

  • All must wear a mask when using common areas at CEU. Common areas include the Library, lobbies, washrooms, hallways, staircases, labs, meeting rooms, kitchens, catering areas, elevators. Common areas will be disinfected several times per day
  • At all times, maintain at least a 1 meter distance from others while on campus
  • Avoid spontaneous, unstructured gatherings of people in the same room or in the common areas


  • Shared office: wear a mask, use your own pen and office supplies, and workstations should be placed 1 meter apart where feasible. Work should be scheduled in a way that allows the minimum number of people to be present in an office at the same time.
  • All offices: Do not use other employees’ phones, desks, offices, office supplies, or any other work tool/equipment. Open the windows and/or doors regularly (at least for 5 minutes every hour). Keep your workstation tidy, with all areas left as empty as possible so that surfaces can be cleaned properly. If you have the means, please also clean the devices that you have personally used. Bring your own disinfecting wipes.
  • Offices are cleaned at least once per day.