Prospectus Seminar

Comparative Politics
Political Economy
Political Theory
Academic Year: 
Start and end dates: 
September 22, 2014 to April 3, 2015
Course Description: 

The objective of this seminar is to help preparing PhD dissertation proposals and think through related issues of career choice, research strategy, planning, and methodology. The course is structured around the research interests of probationary doctoral candidates, who present their prospectus plans in class, work together in identifying key issues in developing viable research plans, and revise their prospectus plans to reflect any feedback and insight gained in this process. The in-class discussions are to focus on the choice and formulation of the research question and the methodology; their justification in terms of relevance, timeliness, and tractability; implications in terms of workload, schedule and resources required, as well as the side-benefits offered; the translation of the research question into a manageable research agenda via hypotheses or other means; the identification of appropriate research methods; concept formation and measurement; the use of productivity enhancing tools; and last but not least presentation and publication strategy issues.