Political Change: Evolution, Revolution and back

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Master of Arts in Political Science Program - elective course
Master of Arts in Political Science (2 years) Program - elective course

The course provides classic and contemporary texts and analyses of different forms of political and social change. The discussion of modernization, dependency and world system theories will be followed by the analysis of different forms of political changes which include the theories of revolution, reform, coup, rebellion, transition, and consolidation, just as the process of deconsolidation, destabilization, and breakdown of a political regime. Besides the lectures on the theories we will analyze and compare concrete historical cases of any form of political change listed above based on student presentations and class discussion.
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Students will be able to distinguish between different forms of social change and political dynamics by familiarizing themselves both the theoretical and practical (i. e. policy) aspects of political change. They will be able to analyze political events of change in comparative and historical perspective.

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