The course is designed to start with the essentials of European politics – the understanding of democracy, of parliamentary systems, of elections, of parties and interest groups. Based on these essentials, specific political systems will be approached – major (i.e. larger) as well as smaller countries. The phenomenon...
Instructor: Anton Pelinka
Credits: 4.0
The aim of the course is to make students familiar with some important issues and approaches in comparative politics by presenting concrete research problems and enterprises. The readings and the lectures describe and exemplify the development of the discipline, which has resulted in a genuine methodological pluralism...
Instructor: András Bozóki
Credits: 4.0
Topics in Comparative Politics has the same function as the course Comparative Politics had in the fall semester: to introduce students to the fundamental concepts, findings, and methods of comparative politics. Through the papers and presentation, students will practice comparative politics and reflect on its status...
Instructor: Matthijs Bogaards
Credits: 4.0