CEU Career Services Office

The CEU Career Services Office (CSO) supports students and alumni in defining their personal professional goals and definitions of future success and assists them in gaining information, skills, and experiences that enhance their personal development, employability, and academic success .

The CSO advises students and alumni on all aspects of the career development process including:

  • Conducting self-assessment and career research;
  • Adopting a realistic and long-term approach towards career development;
  • Expanding and managing professional networks;
  • Crafting effective application materials for jobs, internships, and further studies;
  • Preparing for interviews and conducting salary negotiations.

There are many ways for students to engage with the office:

-          Career education sessions;

-          Career events featuring employers and practitioners from various fields;

-          Individual career advising;

-          Internship support;

-          CareerNext: the CEU-exclusive job and internship portal;

-          Online resources including the Career Knowledge Hub;

-          The SPARK YOUR CAREER career development certificate.

For information about graduate employment outcomes, check the Facts and Figures section of the Career Services Office website.