Become a Speaker!

We encourage faculty and students to propose a work-in-progress paper for discussion. If you didn't present a paper last year it is reason enough that you suggest one this year. If you did, then you would presumably remember that it is fun, so that is also a good reason to propose another. Also, if you happen to know somebody whose work would be interesting to our community and s/he is or will be in town, don't withhold that information and please send an email to polsci [at] ceu [dot] edu.

As we fill the slots on a first come first served basis, the earlier you propose the more flexible we could be on timing. As a reminder: The seminar begins in September and takes place every Wednesday afternoon (13.30 - 15.10), with the exception of one Wednesday in the month, which is kept for a departmental meeting. Seminars on other days are marked with an asterisk. Click on the title of the papers to download the documents.