New Book Published by Carsten Q. Schneider

March 21, 2024

Congratulations to Prof. Carsten Q. Schneider for his newly published book titled “Set-Theoretic Multi-Method Research (SMMR). A Guide to Combining QCA and Case Studies".

If you are interested in enhancing your descriptive and causal inference by combining QCA with case studies, this book is the ideal companion.

The gist of SMMR is that inference – both descriptive and causal – are increased if scholars return to cases after their QCA. The within-case analyses focus on the mechanisms that link the cross-case level conditions identified via QCA. SMMR spells out the principles and practices of selecting the best available cases for the analytic task at hand: either descriptive or causal inference, either in single-case or comparative-case designs.

SMMR can be performed in R with the help of the smmr() function in package SetMethods. It works with crisp and fuzzy sets. And it works with QCA solution formulas of any level of complexity (conjunctions, disjunctions). The smmr() function identifies the best available typical and deviant cases and the best available pairs of these case types in your data."

The link to the book on Cambridge University Press' site is: