Set Theory, Constructivism, and Science: A Symposium on James Mahoney’s The Logic of Social Science

June 15, 2023

Full recording of the event can be found on the CEU YouTube Channel.

Last month, we had the pleasure of hosting this outstanding event

Theory, Constructivism, and Science: A Symposium on James Mahoney’s The Logic of Social Science

In this hybrid symposium, a panel of scholars discussed James Mahoney’s recent book, The Logic of Social Science.  The book develops a scientific constructivist approach that uses set-theoretic analysis to avoid essentialist biases in the production of knowledge. This scientific constructivist approach recognizes that social categories depend on collective understandings for their existence, but it insists that this recognition need not hinder the use of explicit procedures for the rational assessment of truth. Mahoney argues that set-theoretic analysis enables scholars to avoid the pitfalls of essentialism and produce findings that rest on a firm scientific foundation.

The event was moderated by Carsten Q. Schneider (CEU) and the panel of participants included:

o            James Mahoney (Northwestern University)

o            Nancy Cartwright (Durham University)

o            Rosa Runhardt (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen)

o            Hilde van Meegdenburg (Leiden University)