Ildar Daminov, MA'21

December 1, 2022
Ildar Daminov graduated from the 1 – year Master’s program in the Political Science Department and now he is enrolled at the Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy, and International Relations, studying in the Comparative International Political Economy track.
Ildar shared with us his experience as an MA student and how the MA program helped him prepare for the Ph.D. program.
"The master's program provides you with both strong methodological preparation and opportunities for thematic specialization in different sub-fields of political science. It also gives you an excellent opportunity to network. To get to know and work with renowned scholars in comparative politics, political economy, and political theory.
I personally have built my Ph.D. project upon my MA thesis and have received a lot of support from different members of the faculty as well as more senior Ph.D. students, who are already studying at CEU. I would say there are four reasons why someone should apply to the Political Science department at CEU: Academic rigor, awesome people, financial and professional support, as well as educational prestige".