Associate Professor's Bochsler New Article on Power-sharing and the quality of democracy

June 23, 2021
There is evidence that power-sharing supports democratic transitions. Yet, how do the resulting regimes fare in terms of democratic quality? In their new article in the European Political Science Review, Daniel Bochsler and Andreas Juon (ETH Zurich) investigate this question for 70 democracies since 1990.

Power-sharing and the quality of democracy. European Political Science Review (with Andreas Juon)


Mounting evidence indicates that power-sharing supports transitions to democracy. However, the resulting quality of democracy remains understudied. Given the increasing global spread of power-sharing, this is a crucial oversight, as prominent critiques accuse it of a number of critical deficiencies. The present article advances this literature in two ways. First, it offers a comprehensive discussion of how power-sharing affects the quality of democracy, going beyond specific individual aspects of democracy. It argues that power-sharing advances some of these aspects while having drawbacks for others. Second, it offers the first systematic, large-N analysis of the frequently discussed consequences of power-sharing for the quality of democracy. It relies on a dataset measuring the quality of democracy in 70 countries worldwide, combining it with new fine-grained data for institutional power-sharing. The results indicate that power-sharing is a complex institutional model which privileges a particular set of democratic actors and processes, while deemphasizing others.