Update Your Alumni Placement Info!

October 12, 2020
Dear Alumni,
We would like to update alumni placement info at our website.
We would be glad to add up-to-date information from you as well:
- your current position with or without your name, or just your initials: https://politicalscience.ceu.edu/alumni-careers-public-service 
- your profile with your name and photo: https://politicalscience.ceu.edu/alumni-profiles
- an alumni testimonial from you reflecting about your experience at the Department, at CEU, the benefits of having been our student, and how it affected your career with your name, current position and a photo of you: https://politicalscience.ceu.edu/what-our-alumni-say
You can send this info to polsci@ceu.edu or you can fill in this form: https://bit.ly/3nqXNNZ.
We highly appreciate your response!