"Caesarean politics in Hungary and Poland" Co-Authored by Robert Sata Is Open Access

January 8, 2020

You can now read Robert Sata and Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski's publication of "Caesarean politics in Hungary and Poland" in East European Politics as it is open access.

"We propose the new concept of Caesarean politics to explain democratic deconsolidation in Hungary and Poland. We argue the move towards illiberal democracy in both countries has been made possible by a shift towards Caesarean politics, in which radical changes are framed as “politics as usual”, while in fact these challenge the essence of liberal democracy. Focusing on the three pillars of Caesarean politics: (1) patronal politics, (2) state capture, and (3) identity politics, we show how both countries become cases of Caesarean politics, where, using discourses of “friends” and “enemies”, the leader coordinates vast patronal networks that capture the state."