Alumni Support Student Internships Abroad

November 4, 2019

Two CEU Department of Political Science students did important work as interns in Myanmar last summer – thanks to support from department alumni.

Qian Feng (POLS ’20), left, interned at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s (UNODC) field office in Taunggyi, working on information management.  Thiri Tin (POLS ’20, Myanmar), right, interned at the Forums of Federation in Myanmar, working on a research project on women and peacebuilding.

The internships were funded by donations to the CEU Alumni Campaign’s Departmental Support fund and augmented by the Internship Support Program Fund, managed by the CEU Career Services Office.

Lasting from June to September, the internships provided Qian and Thiri with professionally relevant engagement, bolstering not only their student experience but also post-graduation success. They were also a means for alumni to invest directly in student achievement. (Want to support students from your department? Make your gift today!)

We spoke with Qian about her internship:

How did your internship correspond with your academic work?

My career plan is to work in less developed regions on topics like public health, poverty reduction, education and gender equality; the team in Taunggyi works exactly on these issues with the rural community here.

What skills are you learning?

Communication, as we have to cooperate with many different stakeholders;I’m also learning how to understand international organizations’ roles in situations like this.

What’s your favorite thing about it?

That we’re working in the real world. I went to villages and talked to farmer representatives, and then at some point I just realized how all the things we learnt at school, on papers and screens, actually make sense here when you look into people’s eyes.

Your internship was supported in part by POLS grads. What would you say to them?

I’m learning and growing rapidly here in various ways, and I value this experience hugely.  Thank you for your support so that I have the chance to try out different possibilities in life, and explore part of the new world, as well as myself


Thank YOU, donors and congratulations Qian and Thiri!