Rolling Regime Change by Andras Bozoki

May 23, 2019

Andras Bozoki's new book Rolling Regime Change is out now in Hungarian. 

The book presents the most active actors of the Hungarian regime change as well as what role the democratic opposition had in the democratic transformation. Why did the intellectuals get close to the possibility of shaping politics in the era of the decaying Kadar regime? Were the same activits in key positions continuously or did they replace each other periodically? What were the communication possibilities of the opposition in the first and second public, how did these get separated and merged later on? What was the division of work between opposition intellectual groups? How did the ideas of shaping the thinking of opposition intellectuals alter in this era?

The book talks about the "long decade of intellectuals" starting in 1977 with the petition expressing solidarity with the Charta and ending between 1991-1994 with the political upsweep and setback of the Democratic Charta.