"Genome Editing and the Law Around the World" by Judit Sandor

April 17, 2019

Judit Sandor guest-edited the March issue of the Newsletter of World Association For Medical Law.

In her article "Genome Editing and the Law Around the World", she writes about how developing international guidelines in the field of genome editing has become crucial after in late November 2018 the first babies had been born with edited genomes. She raises thought-provoking questions, as "those who have so far protected life from the moment of conception or fertilization, now need to support the intervention of genome editing if they want to keep their position consistent—as this technology may soon give life to those embryos that had no chance for survival before."

Full text available: http://wafml.memberlodge.org/resources/Documents/WAML_Newsletter_Issue40.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2x4yWX7FAN2-iQ4AWA79sNzbJKGrImq9Ej3eGE6PT-2DtXYScEtycoPRw