Hani Sulastri Hamid & Marko Kukec (MA '13)

February 12, 2019

Hani is Planning, Learning and Accountability Coordinator at Rikolto Indonesia & Marko is Post-doctoral researcher at Helmut Schmidt Universität, Hamburg

"When we first met as colleagues at the Department of Political Science, we could not have imagined how profoundly the year spent at the CEU will shape our professional and private lives. On the basis of our experience at CEU, we easily competed for research positions both within and outside academia. While strongly research oriented, the Department of Political Science places particular emphasis on critical thinking and offers a truly interdisciplinary approach. The interaction with excellent colleagues within small classes and individual approach of teachers and department staff were very helpful in completing a rather demanding curriculum of the MA program. CEU also brings together an immensely diverse student population, breaks barriers and opens up new perspectives, and eventually brought two of us together as well. What started as doing statistics homework together and occasionally having dinners at Kerepesi, continued as a lasting journey together, as we got married five years later. Outside of CEU, our early relationship benefited from affordable restaurants, romantic streets and the distinct charm of wonderful Budapest."