Bogdana Buzarnescu (MA '10)

November 28, 2018
Principal Assistant - Parliamentary Assembly, Council of Europe
"CEU, and in particular, it’s political science department, has been an enriching and truly formative period for me. Firstly, it has been a year of intensely demanding yet intellectually stimulating studies. I suddenly delved into topics that I previously had only a passing notion of and that have since opened interesting avenues for research and further study. Secondly, on a personal level, it has been a year of coming of age (of sorts), allowing me to experience new cultures and interact with people I might not have interacted with otherwise, giving me the opportunity to form lasting friendships, shaping my way of thinking and, ultimately, aiding me in deciding my future career path.

I am immensely grateful that I have had this time in Budapest and that I chose the political science department as it was the perfect blend of academics and extracurriculars, of work and leisure, of guidance and self-empowerment."