Constantin Manuel Bosancianu (MA '09, PhD '17)

November 27, 2018

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, “Institutions and Political Inequality”, Political Economy of Development research area, WZB Berlin Social Science Center, Germany.

"I have pursued both my MA and my PhD degrees at CEU, and I consider it to have been an excellent choice. The programs have allowed me to gain the skills that are indispensable on an increasingly competitive European academic job market. I continue to be impressed by the range of interests faculty in the program have, and of topics students have access to – from network science, and immigration policy, to EU institutions, populism, authoritarian political systems, or media regulation regimes. I truly believe that this level of interdisciplinarity benefits students immensely, as they face a growing need to adapt to rapid changes in intellectual trends or social problems. The range of topics is all the more remarkable when considering that CEU is a comparatively small university. This allows it to sustain a level of interaction among students, or a degree of mentoring between students and faculty that is hard to encounter elsewhere. I consider that my academic work has benefitted immensely from my choosing CEU. I am sure many others will find this to be the case as well."