Judit Sandor: An island of international intellectual community

January 29, 2018

Central European University is a unique place in the contemporary world: a small island where only intellectual qualities matter. CEU has an open, tolerant atmosphere in which dedicated international faculty explore various graduate level curricula with students from all corners of the world. Graduate students bring their unique experience to the university, they are valuable sources of knowledge for the academic community, and they become part of an inspiring scholarly network for the rest of their life. 

Multidisciplinary approach characterizes the courses offered: the study of political science, for example, combines the understanding of philosophical foundations with rigorous methodology, and human rights perspectives with political economy. In the complexities of the present international relations, the reflexive, comparative, analytical approaches provide an excellent opportunity for the future scholars and policy makers.

Many of us at CEU are proud that we have had the chance to build such a lively, exciting international scholarly community in the heart of picturesque Budapest, where generations of graduate students have enjoyed memorable moments and developed a life-long bond with their alma mater.  

CEU is one of the best places to study political sciences, gender studies and human rights for strong, creative applicants.  Join us in the 2018/2019 academic year. 

Judit Sandor

Application information: https://politicalscience.ceu.edu/apply-now