Andras Bozoki: Apply to CEU, the most cosmopolitan university of the world

January 22, 2018

At times of populism, ethno-nationalism, and illiberalism thinking about the future of democracy is even more important than it was before. Besides other topics, professors at the Department of Political Science are focusing on contemporary issues in comparative politics. This field offers adventures in comparing regimes, social movements and forms of political change across countries, regions, and continents. Should democracy be universalized or contextualized? What are the types, functions and defects of democracy, and how to figure out its borderlines? How to distinguish them from other regime types that claim to be democracies but they are not? What are the characteristics of hybrid regimes and authoritarian settings? What about their social, cultural, and economic background? Since CEU is the most cosmopolitan university in the world, we can learn about these issues not only from classic and contemporary authors but also from each other. This is an amazing experience for open minds. Do not miss this opportunity, apply now! 

Andras Bozoki

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