Alumni Careers in Political Science

Alan Renwick (POLS MA ‘97; POLS MPhil ‘98): Director, School of Postgraduate Research Studies in Politics, University of Reading, United Kingdom

Alexandru Voicu (POLS MA ‘06): Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Economics and Philosophy, CUNY, College of Staten Island

Aliya Abbasi (POLS MA ‘14): PhD Candidate, University of Queensland

Anca Gheaus (POLS MA ‘98): Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, CEU

Andrey Kunov (POLS MA ‘95): CEO and Founder of Credentiality, San Francisco, USA

Annamaria Orban (POLS PhD ‘03): Associate Professor, Vice Dean, Scientific and International Affairs, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Artur Wolek (POLS MA ‘96): Director of Department of Theory and Philosophy of Politics at Business College – National – Louise University in Nowy Sącz, Poland

Asta Maskaliunaite (POLS MA ‘01, PhD ‘08): Lecturer at the Academic War and Conflict Studies at the Baltic Defence College, Estonia

Christoph Niessen (POLS MA ’17): PhD Candidate in Political Science, University of Louvain (UCLouvain) and Namur, Belgium

Daniel Horn (POLS MA ‘04, PhD ‘10): Max Weber Fellow, European University Institute, Florence, Italy

Desislava Zagorcheva (POLS MA ‘95): Lecturer at Oxford University, United Kingdom

Dusan Pavlovic (POLS MA ‘97, PhD ‘03): Professor of Political Science at the University of Belgrade, Serbia

Elisabetta Ferrari (POLS MA ’13): Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Michigan

Endre Borbáth (POLS MA ’14): Postdoctoral Researcher Freie Universität Berlin, WZB Berlin Social Science Center

Gergely Bognar (POLS PhD ‘05): Post-Doctoral Fellow at Harvard University, USA

Grigori Golosov (POLS MA ‘94): Professor of Political Science, Project Director, Center for Democracy and Human Rights Helix, St. Petersburg, Russia

Hairong Lai (POLS PhD ‘08): Deputy Director and Senior Fellow, China Center for Comparative Politics and Economics

Irina Culic (POLS MA ‘96): Assistant Professor, University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Jason Means (POLS MA ’17): EU Programme Manager, University of Vienna

Jonathan Mulki (POLS MA ‘17): PhD student in Latin American Literature and Culture at the University of California, Davis

Juraj Medzihorsky (POLS MA ‘07; PhD ’15): Postdoctoral researcher, Varieties of Democracy Institute, University of Gothenburg

Lenka Drazanova (POLS MA ’10): Postdoc at European University Institute

Mano Gabor Toth (POLS MA ‘11): PhD Candidate, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge

Marat Akopian (POLS MA ‘94): Associate Professor at University of Georgia, Georgia

Maria Spirova (POLS MA ‘97; MA in Southeast European Studies ‘98): PhD in Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2004; Assistant Professor in Comparative Politics and International Relations, Institute of Political Science, Leiden University

Marko Grdesic (POLS MA ‘06): PhD Candidate at University of Wisconsin Madison

Mehmet Umut Korkut (POLS PhD ‘04): Assistant Professor at the University College Dublin, Ireland

Milka Ivanovska (POLS MA ‘14): Postdoctoral Fellow at Lund University

Noemi Wells (POLS MA ‘00): Lecturer at Institute for Social and European Studies, Szombathely, Hungary

Nurcan Ozgur Baklacioglu (POLS MA ‘05): Assistant Professor at the University of Istanbul, Turkey

Olga Victorovna Smirnova (POLS MA ‘02): Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, East Carolina University

Pavel Barsa (POLS MA ‘96): Professor, Charles University in Pragues, Czech Republic

Peter Bajomi-Lazar (POLS MA ‘96, PhD ‘04): Senior Research Fellow, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford

Peter Stamatov (POLS MA ‘96): Associate Professor of Sociology, Yale University and Visiting Professor, Comparative Sociology Group, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid 

Regina Akopian (POLS MA ‘95): Professor at St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia, Canada

Renira Angeles (POLS PhD ’18): Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Norwegian Research Centre and University of Bergen

Semra Turkovic-Hrle (POLS MA ‘96): Adjunct Professor, International Relations Department at Webster University Vienna, Austria

Sorin Ionita (POLS MA ‘97): Associate Lecturer at the Political Science Department of the National School of Political and Administrative Studies and a Political Commentator on the news channel Realitatea TV in Bucharest, Romania

Svetlana Stamenova (POLS MA ‘94): Research Fellow at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria

Tania Gosselin (POLS MA ‘94, PhD ‘06): Professeure régulière at the University of Quebec, Canada

Winne Ko (POLS MA ‘11): Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher in Genova, Italy

Zidas Daskalovski (POLS PhD ‘04): Executive Director of the Center for Research and Policy-Making, University of Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia

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