Alumni Careers in NGOs

Ales Vidmar (POLS MA ‘04): Project Manager at the Public Fund for Human Resources Development and Scholarships

Alexandra Tsvetkova (POLS MA ’02): Economist/Policy Analyst, OECD Trento Centre for Local Development

Altin Ilirjani (POLS MA ‘98, PhD ‘04): Learning Lead, Center of Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance at USAID in Washington D.C, USA

Anastasia Gnezditskaia (POLS PhD ‘06): Consultant at The World Bank

Anna Kutkina (POLS MA ‘15): Economic Development Officer at the Canadian Urban Institute

Artem Galushko (POLS MA ‘05): Program Assistant at UNICEF in Ukraine

Austeja Trinkunaite (POLS MA ‘11): Policy Officer at the ECDL Foundations in Brussels 

Balazs Adam (POLS MA ‘06): Political Analyst at the Political Capital Institute in Hungary

Barbara Kertai (POLS MA ‘04): Head of Brand, Innovation and Creative Services, World Vision UK, London, UK

Catherine Hudon (POLS MA ‘98): former OSCE officer in Vukovar, currently Regional Manager for Europe of the World Hemophilia Organization in Montreal, Canada

Daniel Horn (POLS MA ‘10): Research Fellow at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Daniel Pop (POLS MA ‘08): Head of Research at the Ethnocultural Diversity Resource Center in Romania

Erali Paiziev (POLS MA ‘14): Senior Program Assistant at OSCE Centre in Bishkek 

Eric Schmelling (POLS MA ‘95): Director of International Fundraising for The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, USA

Guljigit Ermatov (POLS MA ‘08): Program Officer at UNICEF in Kyrgyzstan

Htet Min Lwin (POLS MA ’16): Country Representative–Myanmar, Forum of Federations

Jennifer Yip (POLS MA ‘11): Community Services Associate, UNHCR, Beijing Regional Office

Joerg Forbrig (POLS MA ‘98): Senior Program Officer for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), based out of the German Marshall Fund's office in Bratislava, Slovakia

Katarina Klingova (POLS MA ‘13): Project Coordinator at the Transparency International in Slovakia

Kiril Avramov (POLS MA ‘06): Director of International Relations at the Political Capital Policy Research and Consulting Institute

Kumar Bekbolotov (POLS MA ‘04): Executive Director at the Soros Foundation

Magdalena Bernaciak (POLS MA ‘05, POLS PhD ‘11): Researher, European Trade Union Institute, Brussels, Belgium

Mantas Jersovas (POLS MA ‘04): Project Manager for the International Organization for Migration in Lithuania

Maria Sedlakova (POLS MA ’13): Technical Research Officer at International Labour Organization

Masa Djordjevic (POLS MA ‘07): Program Manager at the Open Society Foundations in Hungary

Nargiza Mazhidova (POLS MA ‘09): Appraisal and Evaluation Unit Manager at the Agency for Technical Cooperation and Develeopment in Tajikistan

Ruichuan Yu (POLS MA ’19): Intern, UNICEF Office of Research-Innocenti; Programme Manager, Teach For China.

Samuel Gultom (POLS MA ‘04): Program Officer for Human Rights and Access to Justice at TIFA Foundation, Indonesia

Sanja Pesek (POLS MA ‘98, PhD ‘11): Former Deputy Director of Freedom House, Belgrade, Serbia-Montenegro

Stela Garaz (POLS MA ‘05, POLS PhD ‘12): Program Officer at Roma Education Fund, Budapest

Vanessa Mermet (POLS MA ’09): Campaign officer, NGO POLLINIS

Vitaly Merkushev (POLS MA ‘95): Executive Director at Eurasian Political Studies Network, Ekaterinburg, Russia

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