Alumni Ambassadors

Who are they?
Ambassadors are former students who received their MA or PhD degree from CEU's Political Science department.
What are Ambassadors doing?
Ambassadors offer their help to prospective, new, and current students in matters that are important to them. For prospective students, they can share their experiences with our department, CEU. Ambassadors play an important role in the recruitment of students and sharing your experiences with prospective students, encouraging promising candidates to apply to our department. Ambassadors can also help current students finding a job after their time at CEU. Ambassadors will also be involved in the selection of that annual Alumni Fund winner among our current students.
How to become an Ambassador?
Send us an email (polsci{at}ceu{dot}edu) letting us know that you want to become an Ambassador and what your ideas are for filling out this position.
Please also send us the following material:
- your picture
- your name
- email address
--current position
- year of graduation
- a short biography about you.


Cristina Turcu, Moldova,

Class of 2007/08

Konstantin Polyakov, Russia, Class of 2005/06

Aleko Stoyanov, Bulgaria,

Class of 2013/14

Mikheil Shavtvaladze, Georgia, Class of 2009/10