POLEMO SYMPOSIUM  is the name of our annual conference, devoted to political, legal and moral philosophy. We want it to be an opportunity for integration and debate between scholars from different approaches and schools of thought as well as the window of the CEU political theory community.

We welcome submission related to political, legal, and moral philosophy broadly understood. Papers dealing with topics that are original and surprising or that propose new approaches to old debates, as well as fostering interdisciplinarity will be especially valued.

Our symposia last from one to two days and are held at the CEU premises in Vienna, Austria.

Please find below our lastest program: 


01-02 June 2023

Central European University, Vienna, Austria

All the conference sessions will be held in room C-419

Day 1/ Thursday, June 1
9:00 Registration + Welcome 
9:30 Marta Giuna Martino (University of Geneva) - Moral Disagreement and Contestation within Institutions
10:15 Vittorio Gerosa (University of Manchester) - Freedom versus Equality: On the Contested Grounds of Democracy's Non-Instrumental Value
11:00 Break 
11:15 María-José Pietrini-Sánchez (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) - The Moral Justification to Parent One’s Non-biological Child
12:00 Christopher Perrett (University of Warwick) - Legitimate Partiality in Unjust Circumstances 
12:45 Lunch 
13:45 Moritz A. Schulz (University of Bamberg & FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) - What's Wrong With Contacting Uncontacted Peoples?
14:30 Virginia De Biasio (University of York) - Not Just "Sinking Islands": Natural Resources and Climate Adaptation in Kiribati
15:15 Break 
15:30 Dmitry Sereda (Central European University) - When Can Stupid Decisions Give Rise to Just Inequality?
16:15 Ilkin Huseynli (University of Milan) - Moral Answerability for Unintentional Actions
17:00 Break 
17:15 Leonardo Menezes (Sciences Po & University of Minho) - Why is Gratitude Epistemically Harmful to Refugees?
18:30 Dinner 
Day 2/ Friday, June 2
9:30 Keynote Lecture by Prof. Eszter Kollár (KU Leuven) - Reconciling Self-determination and Global Equality of Opportunity: The Case of Immigration
11:00 Break 
11:15 Clemens Loidl (Central European University) - The Problem of Equal Social Status
12:00 Giacomo Floris (University of Hamburg) - Relational Equality and Vulnerability to Social Disrespect
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Kangyu Wang (London School of Economics) - What is the Point of Relational Equality?
14:30 Cristina Astier (Pompeu Fabra University & Central European University) - The Participation of Landlocked Developing Countries in International Trade: A Claim to Regain Control  
15:15 Break 
15:30 Dušan Rebolj (University College London) - Democratic Rather than Virtue-Ethical: How an Act-Based Account of Courage Intersects with Contemporary Republicanism
16:15 Lars Moen (University of Vienna) - Corporate Persons and Public Reason
17:00 Break 
17:15 Matej Cíbik (Czech Academy of Sciences) - Political Legitimacy, Insurgence and International Interventions
18:30 Finish & Farewell Drinks

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