Migration Research Group (MiRG)

Bringing together the diverse migration scholarship at CEU departments, research centers, and other units, the Migration Research Group (MiRG) has been established in 2016, providing a platform across disciplines for faculty, students and researchers at CEU who have an interest in the study of mobility and migration. The group holds regular meetings for informal and congenial debate of migration topics and to discuss ongoing research of the members with a specialized audience.

Furthermore, MiRG seeks to foster collaborative research among its members. Additionally, it organizes events, workshops, and public lectures to raise the visibility and impact of migration research at CEU.

If you are interested in joining the migration research group, please feel free to come to our bi-weekly meetings and/or write to mirg@ceu.edu.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/147446142627772/

If you want to sign up for the MiRG mailing list write to mirg@ceu.edu.

The Migration Research Group has been consolidated with faculty support from Andrew Cartwright (Center for Policy Studies) and administrative support from Robert Sata (Department of Political Science).