MENAS Workshop Series

About the Workshops

This series features workshops for the broader CEU community. The purpose of this series is to help students learn new academic and professional skills, enhance their statistical and methods skills, as well as explore new softwares. 

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Fall Term Workshops 2020-2021

- How to make a presentation with LaTeX (by Ameni Mehrez)

- Research Ethics, Approaches, and Contingencies in Light of Covid19 (By Taraf Abu Hamdan, Freya Cumberlidge, Antonio Salvador M. Alcazar III, & Utku Gungor)

Winter Term Workshops 2020-2021

- Social Network Analysis - 15th of January 2021 (By Nassim AbiGhanem)

- Causal Inference - 5th of February 2021 (By Levente Littvay)

- Content Analysis - 12th of February 2021 (By Jessie Labov)

- Web scraping using R - 5th of March 2021 (By Ivo Bantel)

- Synthetic Control method - 12th of March 2021 (By Bruno Castanho Silva)

- Conjoint Experiments - 26th of March 2021 (By Daniel Kovarek)

- Managing Qualtrics Surveys - TBA (By Gabor Simonovits)

Most workshops are recorded by the end of each session and can be viewed on MENAS Youtube Channel, HERE.

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