MA Theses 2015/16

Program: Political Science MA
Agatayeva, Saule Internet freedom and e-government: the contradictory impact of the ICT revolution on democracy
Anaya Villafana, Luis The Resource Curse and Rentierism in a Non-Oil Dependent Country: An Assessment of the Mexican Oil Sector
Arslan, Mücahit Patterns for liberty? An analysis of Robert Nozick's libertarianism and sufficientarianism
Belic, Katarina Sensationalism in the media: case of Serbia
Cirakman, Nur Institutional Change and Continuity in Turkish Capitalism and State-Business Relations in Comparative Perspective
Dinok, Henriett Framing of hate: a hungarian case-study of the political discourse about bias-motivated crimes
Dukova, Katerina Is a picture worth a thousand words? Experimental research on the usage of information graphics as a presentation tool of political information
Gasparian, Paula Women in Post-Soviet Parliaments: An Intra-Regional Comparison
Gilbreath, Dustin Negative Campaigns and the Generation of Uncertainty and Ambivalence: Evidence from a Quasi-experiment and Lab Experiment Replication in the Republic of Georgia
Greskovics, Borbála Can We Do Better? Grassroot parties success in maintaining their movement origins Comparative analysis of Podemos and Jobbik
Hemachandra, Samal Butterflies Taking Down Giants: The Impact of Social Media on the Regime Transformation in Sri Lanka
Huseynli, Ilkin How to deal with wrongdoers? Anarchist thinkers' attitudes towards criminals
Imtiaz, Pizwak Mass Media and Democratic Transitions: The case of Pakistan
Kazlou, Aliaksandr Institutional determinants of private credit development: between democracy and rule of law
Koralewska, Weronika Nudge-approach and the perception of human nature, social problems, and the role of the state
Koryagina, Daryna Orwellian narrative in american media in the aftermath of 9/11
Kukovec, David Changing the electoral system in Croatia
Kuljanin, Dragan Free market justice: is there fairness in free market fairness
Kuzmina, Olga Determinants of Success of the United Nations Peace Operations in a Stateless Terrain: the Lessons of Sierra Leone and Somalia
Lecamwasam, Nipunika Politics of Truth: Memory, Transitional Justice and Victimhood in Sri Lanka
Melani, Najada Patterns of Elite Behaviour
Nogacz, Arthur Political Contributing: the difference between "I did" and "I will do"
Olah, Noemi Electoral Strategies of the Left in the Era of Democratic Backsliding: Analyzing the campaign of the left-wing opposition in 2014 Hungary
Poliakova, Alina Migrant Integration Policies: Does Consensus Democracy make a difference? A Cross-National Comparative Analysis
Potapova, Elizaveta Do Ideas Matter? The Official Discourses on Higher Education Policies in Russia under Putin's Presidency
Rupcic, Vjenceslav Historic origins of austerity and the ordoliberal school of thought
Seidimbek, Ayana Petroleum Politics, Resource Curse and Management in Central Asia: Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan in Comparative Perspective
Subotic, Strahinja Normalization and Reconciliation in the Post-Yugoslav Space
Tkalec, Igor Comparing political parties through capitalism: alterations in policy preferences of left-wing parties in different versions of capitalism - cases of British Labour Party and German Social-Democratic Party
Urazova, Dinara "Out with the Gang!": Mass Mobilization in Ukraine's Euromaidan
Program: Political Science 2-year MA
Bobok, Dalibor Selective Exposure, Filter Bubbles and Echo Chambers on Facebook
Brenner, Dominik From Silence to Salience: Free Trade Protest and the Scandalisation of TTIP from a Comparative Perspective
Büyükyüksel, Kemal Opening the Books: Transitional Justice in the Turkish-Kurdish Conflict
Dolma, Dawa Survival and Revival of Tibetan Ethnic Identity in India
Hradszky, Zoltán Coping with Challenges of Smallness: Hungary's "Orthodox" and "Unorthodox" Economic Models Compared
Kosovic, Nikola What Makes Russia so Popular in Serbia? Origins of Russian Soft Power
Kovarek, Dániel Cross-temporal analysis of LMP's left-right position with candidate and campaign-centric tools of measurement
Lwin, Htet Min Politicized Religion as Social Movement in a Nascent Democracy: The MaBaTha Movement in Myanmar
Miao, Shuo Development without self-empowerment? Limited demand for political liberties among China's new middle class
Mikhail, Madonna Merging Religious Ideologies in State-Building Projects in the Middle East: A Comparison between the Religious Zionist Movement and the Islamic State
Mommadova, Yana The Bear Is Back! Fear the Bear! Propaganda and Regime Survival in Putin's Russia
Omar, Rilwan The Constitutional Democratic state, Rule of law, and the Rise of Terrorism: Nigeria
Pavlovsky, Patrik The Idea of Reciprocity and the Justification of John Rawls`s Political Liberalism
Satici, Yusuf China's Reconciliatory Foreign Policy towards East Asia: An Illiberal Regime Integration into the Liberal World via Global Market System
Stankov, Nemanja Nothing Else Matters? The Role of Ethnic Voter-Party Linkage in Voting: Experimental Evidence from Montenegro
Strnad, Vladislav The Visegrad Dimension of the Czech Republic's Foreign Policy
Tsering, Tsering Sino-Tibetan Conflict: Nation-building and China's Policies on Ethnic Movement