2014/15 MA Theses

Alizada Ulvi

The Geopolitics of Azerbaijan: From Rivalry to Partnership between U.S. and Iranian Interests

Altinok Berat Uygar

Constituent Power and the Gezi Movement: The Competing Discourses on Who the People are

Bailaieva Gulzat

Radical Right Wing Populism of the Lega Nord: The Framing of Muslims

Bauerova Tereza

Strategies for Develeopment and Innovation in the Context of Regional Integration: Policy Options for Slovakia and Urugay

Bozorgi Saghar

The Ideal of Election: Norms of a "Proper" Election in the First Iranian Parliament (1906-1908)

Bryanov Kirill

The Patterns of Media Ownership in Russia: Implications for Freedom of the Press

Cakaj Gent Neuro-Ehancement and the Notion of Legal Responsibility
Charyyev Rovshen

The Curse and Blessing Effects of Natural Resources in Central Asia: Turkmenistan and Tajikistan

Csillag Tamás

Understanding Orbanomics: Economic Nationalism in the Era of Globalization

Czikora Emese

Populism and Personality: Citizens’ Attitudes and Responses to Populist Rhetoric by Personality Traits

Dumitrascu Alexandru

The Romanian Anti-Systemic 2012-2014 Cycle: From an apparent critical position to reassimilation in the old political system

Emek Berk

The Kurdish Political Movement in Turkey: Transformation from an Ethnic Into a Progressive Party

Epresi Judit

A Shift Towards Social Investment? Recent Childcare Policy Changes in Germany and Hungary and Their Interrelation with the European Union’s Discourse

Fanaca Adrian

Does Authoritarian Personality Covariate with Populist Attitude? A Gender Differences Cross-Sectional Study based on a sample from the new USA Amazon's Mechanical Turk

Ferkovics Roland

Political Representation and Patterns of Inequality of the Roma Minority in Hungary: Why Political Representation Rights Failed to Provide Political Equality?

Figueroa Franco Marcela

Drug Trafficking, Drug Violence and Development; The Case of Guerrero, Mexico 

Fournier William

Carving out a Federal Space from a Colonial Wound: US and Canadian Federalism and Indigenous Integration

Gal Andras

The Ambiguous Relationship of Consociationalism and Constitutional Adjudication

Gessler Theresa

NGOs and the Public Sphere as Targets of Illiberal Democracy in Contemporary Hungary

Giorgadze Shalva

The Influence of Political Culture on Political Elite: The Case of Post-Soviet Georgia

Gur Eylul The Concept of Sovereignity in Political Islam
Gushchina Kristina Institutional Reform Regarding Russian Regional Capitals' Executive Branch During 2003-2011: Local Self-government as Part of the Vertical System of Power?
Koever Martin Andreas Collusion between Enemies in Civil Wars: Why it Occurs and How it Contributes to Conflict Resolution
Korda Patrik

Inexorable; The Drivers of Long-term Interest Rates and the Political Solution for Eliminating Sovereign Debt Defaults

Krunic Dragana

Are Parties all the Same on Social Media? Varieties of Facebook Uses by Party Type in Serbia 

Lenkauskaite Liucija

Cold War All Over Again? Analysis of NATO's Discourse Regarding Russia Before and After the Start of the Crisis in Ukraine

Makhnatch Yana

Decreasing the Costs of Voting: Testing The Effects in Canadian General Elections

Mitkov Zlatin

Civil War After the Arab Spring: A Comparative Study of Libya, Syria, and Yemen

Mohamed Ahmed

Working in the Shadows: A Cross-National Analysis of Everyday Resistance

Moniz Philip

There May Be Hope: Political Efficacy and Campaign Finance Reform

Muharemovic Sanela

The Effect of Supply-Side Factors on the Success of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs: Evidence from Nicaragua

Nagy Szilvia

Integration Through Culture? Participatory Governance in the European Capitals of Culture Programme

Nemanja Batricevic

Emotional Basis of Political Information Processing in Divided Societies: On the Distinct Role of Anxiety and Enthusiasm

Niutenko Olga

Economics, Democracy and Election Outcomes in the Russian Regions: The 2007 and 2011 State Duma Elections

Peic Josip

Right Preference Theory and Nudge-Acceptability

Polynin Ivan

Political Determinants of Compulsory Social Health Insurance: 
the Cases of Israel, Korea and Switzerland  

Raboczki Agnes

Patient Empowerment A Discursive Shift in the EU’s Institutional Response

Ray Chaudry Anwesha

Kashmir: A Challenge to Indian Federalism since 68 years

Rogovich Tatiana

The Impact of Late-Night Comedy on Citizens' Political Knowledge in a Hybrid Media Environment: Distraction or Facilitator?

Sevinin Eda 'Galatasaray Has Been a Common Tombstone for Us': Politics of Truth Seeking and Saturday Mothers Phenomenon of Turkey
Shahzad Gul-i-Hina

Ethno-Federalism, Nationalization of Parties and the Dynamics of Local Governance: The Case of Pakistan

Skenderi Suad

European Representation of Roma Interests

Suba Zsofia

When and how to nudge? Choice Architecture in the Field of Public Policy with a Focus on Hungary

Taba Tudorel

Unequal Access to Education of Roma in Romania: Structural and Implementation Flaws of the System

Thompson Ethan

Transitional Justice in Context: The Historical Roots of Lustration Law in Post-Communist Poland

Vighova Veronika

Parental Leave Policy in Slovakia and Hungary: Shifting in the Same Direction?

Viski Vlad Levente

“An Army OF Generals Without Rank-and-File”: Building a Gay and Lesbian Social Movement in Romania After 2001

Yin Weiwen

Rooted in Poverty? The Political Economy of Terrorism in Xinjiang

Zulik Akos

The Role of Informal Talk in Small Business Cooperation and Access to Subsidies: Analysis of Two Historic Wine Regions in Hungary