Master’s Programs

The Master’s Programs

The Department of Political Science offers two Master of Arts degrees, the One-year Program and the Two-year Program bear Austrian (EU) and US accreditation. Requirements for the two programs are very similar but students of the Two-year Program must complete more credits, and while the length of the Master's Thesis for the One-year Program is approx. 12,000 words, the Two-year Program requires an approx. 15,000 words thesis. Both programs conclude with an oral defense of the Master Thesis.

The MA in Political Science Programs offer a comprehensive graduate-level course of instruction and research in the fundamental areas of the discipline: political institutions and processes; the origins, development and transformation of theories and concepts; voting behavior; political party research; political communication; the understanding different approaches to political analysis; political philosophy; social theory; political economy; public policy; political and economic sociology; constitutionalism and the legal contexts; data and text analysis; human rights and technology; as well as hybrid regimes or regime change, which are all necessary for understanding contemporary political phenomena and political debate.

- Master of Arts in Political Science (One-year Program)

The One-year MA Program offers a comprehensive and interdisciplinary curriculum in theory and research methods in contemporary political science. The program is aimed for students who graduated a four-year BA degree. The program invites students who wish to develop the analytical skills necessary to achieve excellence in politics and economics of democratization in a comparative perspective, international development, comparative and European politics, current issues in the theory and practice of constitutional democracy, political theory, political sociology, and political economy. US standards in research and teaching are combined with the varied requirements of an international student body.

- Master of Arts in Political Science (Two-year Program)

The Two-year MA Program specifically addresses the needs of students who have a three-year BA in political science (or a related discipline) and would like to gain a more structured and comprehensive knowledge about contemporary political theory, European politics, and different research methodologies and empirical skills necessary for the practice of political science. At the same time, the high number and great variety of elective courses give students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in their chosen field of specialization such as comparative politics, political economy, political communication, or political theory, thus the Two-year MA Program gives a better preparation for doctoral studies.

- Specialization Religious Studies*

Students of the Two-year MA Program have the opportunity to participate in the Specialization Religious Studies (SRS). Coordinated by the CEU Center for Religious Studies, the SRS awards a non-degree certificate, complementing our degree in Political Science (Advanced Certificate in Religious Studies). The SRS offers a number of Religious Studies Scholarships (RSS) to qualified students, applicants should indicate their interest in their application to be considered. To find out more please visit the CEU Center for Religious Studies.