Democracy in Divided Societies

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Academic Year: 
Course Description: 

What are the particular challenges that divided societies pose to democracy and how can they be met? This is the leading question guiding the examination of democracy in divided societies. The course will have an empirical focus and review the experience with a variety of political institutions around the world, revisiting the most important scholarly debates, familiarizing students with some of the main cases, and paying particular attention to democracy and social peace in post-conflict societies.

Learning Outcomes: 

<p>At the end of the course the student should be able to:<br />
• Understand the specific challenges posed by socio-cultural divisions to democracy;<br />
• Reflect critically on the notions of ethnicity and ethnic conflict;<br />
• Independently review a major scholarly contribution to the literature on democracy in divided societies;<br />
• Work together with another student to present on a particular aspect of democracy in divided societies;<br />
• Make an informed choice of political institutions that help to prevent, mitigate, or channel ethnic conflict;<br />
• Summarize arguments, assess evidence, and formulate an opinion</p>