Brownbag Workshop on Coding

Course Description: 

Learning How to Code: Measuring Populist Discourse with Holistic Grading

January 15 - 19, 12:45-13:30

This is a methods workshop with a primary goal to train students on how to identify populist discourse in political texts through content analysis, using a technique called holistic grading, developed by Kirk A. Hawkins (2009). It is comprised of five sessions, in which students learn the ideational concept of populism, and how the coding method works, as well as basics of sampling and how to find political texts of interest. At the end, participants will be able to read and code political texts on how populist they are, helping the data collection effort from the Comparative Populism Project. Students who will not participate in the coding stage are also welcome to take the workshop if they are interested in populism or, more generally, content analysis and research methods.

Learning Outcomes: 



Students must attend all sessions, and submit on time the three take home exercises. Students should also have one personal consultation with the instructor during the week of the workshop, to be arranged the days before it starts.