Academic Writing for Political Science

Course Description: 

The program includes a taught course and individual writing consultations. The taught course introduces the basics of academic writing, including the concept of genre, structure and style. We will analyze issues involved in several different types of writing, asking students to find and to look at examples, before going through the process of writing their own papers. The second element of the course is one-to-one writing consultations. These are available to all CEU students from the beginning of the first semester to the time they hand in their thesis. During an individual consultation students will work individually with their instructors on a piece of writing, in order to identify and work on those areas of their writing that need improvement.

The aim of the course is to equip students with the writing skills they need to carry out graduate level work at CEU, as well as in any professional or academic English-speaking environment by raising awareness of, practising, and reflecting upon the conventions of written texts. The course will also address other skills needed for graduate level work in English.

During the course, you will: 

  • Improve your critical reading skills, so you can think and write more clearly and incisively
  • Develop your writing process through phases of generating ideas, drafting, peer evaluation and individual writing consultations
  • Become more familiar with features of various academic texts
  • Learn to use the discourse patterns and conventions of academic English effectively, taking into consideration the expectations of your readership
  • Learn to incorporate the work of other authors into your own writing within the requirements of English academic practice

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

* Identify the purposes, typical components and features of various academic genres
* Structure an academic paper at the macro and micro level
* Think and write more clearly, using appropriate style
* Employ effective skills and approaches when writing papers
* Properly incorporate the work of other authors into your own writing, and understand the CEU policy on plagiarism
* Edit and refine your own written work


During the course, you will have to complete a writing assignment for the Writing Center and attend two mandatory consultations: one on the writing assignment for us and one on a paper for your department before December 15th. For our assignment you will have ample opportunity to redraft, revise and improve your work, both in co-operation with peers and in consultation with your writing instructor. We provide extensive qualitative comments during consultation which are intended to help you in improving your writing. The academic writing course is a required course, which you need to pass in order to complete your degree, but as it is a support course to help you with other courses, it will not affect your GPA.